Our Mission

Our mission is to help bright underprivileged students succeed in their education, career and professional lives by offering them financial support, mentoring and professional guidance.

Baal Vikas Foundation (BVF) is a non-profit organization based in New York, USA. BVF is a 501(c)(3) approved organization with Tax-Id: 13-4189230. BVF provides several ongoing scholarship programs and also offers donor advised scholarship programs which give the flexibility our donors need to meet their specific donation needs.

Besides financial assistance, BVF also provides mentoring, guidance and any other support as needed by students. The organization intends to build and maintain a long term relationship with the students so that it could provide a platform for mutual benefit. BVF provides financial assistance to qualified students, who are selected based on their academic performance and parent's income. We encourage our donors to partner with us and support students and schools in their geographical area of interest. The organization supports its activities by dedicated donors, public donations and has zero overhead costs.

Our programs are primarily focused in India and most of the scholarships are offered to students in the schools of rural villages which demand most attention. Our selection committee follows strict guidelines to make sure the scholarships are provided to the students who are genuinely needy and are able to make best use of the scholarships provided to them.

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We have worked with Baal Vikas for many years and are very thankful to them for providing their support to RK Girls Inter College, Kanpur. REaD India has signed a MOU with Baal Vikas to offer Joint Scholarship to deserving students in India in support of our common mission to promote education to the underprivileged, bright minds in rural India and backward urban areas. REaD USA and Baal Vikas will continue to collaborate in future in other possible areas to support of our common objectives.

S. S, Thakur, Managing Trustee,
REaD India & REaD USA


We are very thankful to your organization for sending the funds to our school. The funds will be used by several projects for the progress of school such as finishing up the incomplete classrooms, operation of computers sent by REaD foundation and improvement in education quality offered to students.
Rampyari Devi Kashi Prasad, Womens Inter college, Fatehpur, U.P.


I am very much impressed with the objectives of "Baal Vikas Foundation". Our Society "Bihar Brains" (www.biharbrains.org) is an executive partner and actively involved with Baal Vikas. I am thankful to this organization for giving us the opportunity to visit two schools in Siwan district every year to select new students for their scholarship program. I feel, we should help all the under-privileged children because we can find some real hidden talents among them. I and BiharBrains would be happy to get involved in executing this noble mission.
-Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman
Bihar Brains Development Society, Patna